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BrigeCon Manufacturing has been supplying products to the transportation industry for more than a decade. We have helped our customers maximize supply chain efficiency and reduce production costs. With our extensive industry knowledge and broad range of products BrigeCon Manufacturing has also helped our OEM customers consolidate their supplier base. Transportation includes a scope of industries such as automotive, bus, heavy duty truck, marine, and rail.

BrigeCon Manufacturing currently supplies critical components to a broad range of customers including OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, and Tier 2 suppliers. We supply components including parts for suspension system, brake system, engine and close tolerance high performance fasteners.

transportation car
transportation truck

Components in the heavy duty truck industry require strict, safety critical compliance to specifications. Our partnerships with ISO and TS certified companies have supported the supply of world class, high quality components consisting of engine and chassis parts, fabrications, handles, latches, and many other vehicle components.

For bus industry, we supply safety critical components including fabrications, precision machined components, specialty fasteners.

transportation school bus
transportation marine

We supply components to the marine industry including precision machined components. Components can also be provided for aesthetic appearances.

For rail industry, critical components we supply include sub-assemblies, precision machined components, and castings.

transportation railway